Friday, 22 August 2014

Summon Night Collection

Today I have two video game related updates. First, I added a few more official artwork to the post on Disgaea D2 as well as increased the size of all images on that post. Second , today's main post comes from a social card collecting game called Summon Night Collection , based on the Summon Night RPG series and similar to games such as Tales of Card Evolve. One of the cards I happened to find depicts Nup, a main character from Summon Night 3, in adorable swimwear.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Miss Machiko - 04

This scene on the other hand was submitted by jack. The boys are seen taking a bath in episode 92 and later they go to the swimming pool. Thanks a lot , jack for the submissions!







Miss Machiko - 03

This scene was from episode 89 and was actually first put up on shota' s blog rather than submitted by jack. The boys are seen wearing Hawaiian grass skirts.

Miss Machiko - 02

The most prominent of Miss Machiko's students; Kenta is seen taking a bath in episode 33 with whom I presume is his mother or maybe just some stranger.


Miss Machiko

Today's submissions were submitted by my old co-admin jack , and come from the perverted anime Miss Machiko.

The first shirtless  scene comes from episode 32 where Miss Machiko;'s students are wrestling..